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Gelsemium Gelsemium

Many handlers have used Gelsemium for show dogs for many years. It is used for anxiety, sound sensitivity, over stimulation, and travel. I have never seen or heard of any negative reactions using Gelsemium. It will not alter alertness, ability to think or perform. It is the best product I have ever seen to solve these issues.

Gelsemium is used for treatment of:
Exam nerves, Stage fright, Phobias, Exhaustion/Fatigue, Paralysis, Fevers, Influenza, Colds, Sore throat, Headaches (accompanied by fatigue), Diarrhea

Twist container until 1 pellet falls into the cap remove cap and pop into mouth without touching the pellet with your hands. Dissolve 1 pellet in mouth 1 hour before event with results lasting 6-8 hours. Decrease frequency of use with improvement. Increase number of pellets by 1 as needed.

6c for toy breeds
12c for small to medium breeds
30c for large to giant breeds

Always consult your physician or veterinarian before using any supplement, medication or homeopathic remedy. Keep out of reach of children and follow recommendations for use and dosage as listed above.

Price: $15.00
Phone orders: call or text 208-283-8095.

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